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Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2018 ▲ Prague

Dělnická 43
Praha, 17000 Czech Republic

Říjen 5, 2018 - Říjen 7, 2018

All-out strong polarization. Repeating tension between collectivists and individuals.
This time with a new difference: Crypto technologies. Liberating us.
Making us entirely responsible for all our decisions.

Decentralization, reputation systems, escrow services and anonymization makes the world’s economy more efficient.
The massive adoption of free crypto markets will not be the result of people’s need for freedom or privacy. It will be the result of their natural individual preferences.
Collectivism is new slavery. Crypto-anarchists are new abolitionists. Crypto technologies are new arms.

The natural order is the new order.


► Nassim Nicholas Taleb (VIA SKYPE)
Essayist, statistician, former trader and risk analyst

► Peter Todd
Applied Cryptographer, Bitcoin Core developer

► Giacomo Zucco
Theoretical Physicist and CEO of BlockchainLab

► Cody Wilson
Crypto-anarchist, gun-rights activist, founder/director of Defense Distributed

► Tone Vays
Crypto Analyst & Derivatives Trader

► Jimmy Song
Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur

► Smuggler
Cryptoanarchist and cypherpunk

► Frank Braun
Cryptoanarchist and cypherpunk

► Chris Beams
Co-founder of Bisq, a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange network

► Pavol Luptak
Cryptoanarchist, CEO of Nethemba and Certified IT Security Professional

► Juraj Bednar
Hacker and an entrepreneur

► Paul Rosenberg
Co-founder of Cryptohippie and author of the Freeman’s Perspective newsletter

► JW Weatherman
Security expert, author of the Bitcoin Threat Model

► Adolfo Linares
Lawyer and Freedom Fighter

► Liora Sabot-Cat
Cryptoanarchist and Researcher

► Aaron Koenig
Entrepreneur, consultant, writer and film producer

► Radim Kozub
Attorney at law and co-founder of Blockchain Legal

► Pavel Urbaczka
Attorney at law and co-founder of Blockchain Legal

► Pavol Travnik
IT developer, lawyer & entrepreneur

► Alena Vránová
Advisor, strategist, investor in cryptocurrencies, digital security and fintech

► Vít Jedlička
Founder and first President of Free Republic Liberland

► Pavla Holcova
Investigative journalist

► Martin Habovštiak
Voluntarist, programmer, electronics, security, cryptography enthusiast

► Sonja Prstec
Lawyer and CLO of Bitnation

► Alexander Biersack
AnCap and Entrepreneur

► Janine Römer
Voluntaryist and OSINT Investigative Journalist


Říjen 5, 2018
Říjen 7, 2018
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Dělnická 43
Dělnická 43
Praha, 17000 Czech Republic
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